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The Weather Channel came to Kyra with one focused goal and initiative -- to become relevant to a younger demographic who didn't grow up watching The Weather Channel TV, and don’t share the same brand affinity as their generational predecessors. How did they want to reinforce that relevancy for Gen Z? By creating an emotional connection to the weather through impactful creator partnerships on TikTok – saturating the platform with positive sentiment and driving followers for The Weather Channel's TikTok channel along the way.

the approach

Kyra knew exactly how to get this next generation excited about The Weather Channel app, so we came up with a campaign that put emotions front & center -- creating an authentic connection for users. All through three creative routes. Route #1, Weather Or Not, challenged creators to step outside their weather comfort zone and take on the day a little differently than they normally would. Route #2, Going the Distance, bridged the (literal) gap between loved ones who are waking up in different time zones (and climates!) by showing how they stay connected via The Weather Channel app. Route #3, Wherever the Weather Takes Us, tasked each creator to zoom in on a different widget within The Weather Channel app and then transform into a supercut of partaking in activities related to that particular weather condition.







“Our partnership with Kyra really exceeded our expectations. They helped us partner with creators who met all our business requirements, the quality of the content was incredibly high, and the overall performance surpassed our goals. We’re already looking forward to our next campaign and future partnerships with Kyra!”

Rachael Carlin, Senior Product Marketing Manager @ The Weather Channel







why we love it

By producing three incredibly different creative briefs, it allowed Kyra and The Weather Channel to partner with creators from all walks of life – from flight attendants, to hikers, to lifestyle creators and more. The diverse set of creators allowed for rich and dynamic storytelling which made way for strong results. Not to mention, we won a Digiday Content Marketing Award for Best Influencer-Generated Content!

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