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Kyra is an AI-powered Creator Agency crafting high-quality influencer content for global brands. We believe in the power of innovation, creativity, and technology to elevate performance for our brand partners.

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Kyra's Perfect Match sifts through 700 million creators using AI vision to understand what's in their content. Allowing us to search the content's audio and visuals, not just tags, makes hyper-niche searching a thing of the future.

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Our AI technology matching and in-app creator briefing ensures seamless alignment between your brand, creators selected, and content produced. Giving quality results every time.


We’ve built our platform to make your lives easier, keeping all your data and creators in one place, streamlining the process from start to finish. meaning we can go live in as little as 4 days!


Brief dozens of creators in one swoop with the push of a button. allowing you to scale campaigns infinitely without the extra leg work typically associated.


Our AI tools keep us on the nose of what’s happening across socials at any given point in time. pairing that data with our best-in-class creative team gives us a recipe for creative content that cuts through the noise.

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