amplify your social beauty marketing with insights from Kyra’s 2023 Gen Z state of beauty report

January 2024

the TDLR

In the ever-evolving landscape of beauty, understanding Gen Z is key. As we unveil the insights from our 2023 State of Beauty Report, it's evident that Gen Z is entering a new phase in their beauty journey – their sophomore phase – one that demands a fresh approach from brands and creators alike. So we’ve broken it down for you in one key report that gives you everything you need to know to market to this generation effectively. We’ve laid out the highlights below, but be sure to read on to access the full free report in all its glory.

the highlights

where inspiration blooms

TikTok takes the lead

Times have certainly shifted in the world of social and beauty. Platforms like YouTube which quite literally birthed the notion of the beauty creator, have now fallen to the backseat thanks to the meteoric rise of TikTok. Even a platform like Pinterest whose sole purpose is discoverability and inspiration has moved to the back of the line.

how Gen Z learns

the rise of DIY beauty gurus

TikTok coupled with Gen Z’s confidence in trial and error tells us that this generation no longer needs the old-school method of influencing. They know how to apply their bronzer and don’t need those application tutorials like they once did. In fact, now they want to be entertained and inspired so they can take the inspiration and run with it themselves. And platforms like TikTok (along with beauty creators who keep the platform kicking) literally serve this type of content up to them on a silver platter.

inspiration with a twist

embracing authenticity and trends

This generation wants brands and creators that ‘just get it.’ But don’t be cringe, please! In today’s social and beauty world, scrollers want to feel like they just left a FaceTime with their bestie. And the way to do that is to walk the social walk and talk the social talk.

Brand’s best bet is to partner with creators who can bring this dialogue to life in a way that feels most relatable and authentic to Gen Z. Trends come quickly too! So you need a partner who can help you activate quickly and at scale.


very likely to convert if a band engages in trends vs 25% are not likely

craving more knowledge

the beauty trifecta

Makeup brands have had an immeasurable influence on social media, establishing a firm grip on Gen Z's attention, ranging from hooded eyeliner tutorials to the popular Euphoria-inspired makeup trends. So it’s safe to say that Gen Z now knows the difference between foundation, a skin tint, and a CC cream and we couldn’t be more proud.

But Gen Z is now yearning for more. It’s clear that where they feel the least knowledgeable is where they want to build their skillset most — we’re specifically eyeing the overall ‘skincare’ and ‘wellness’ and ‘makeup’ categories. So let’s focus on quenching this thirst for skin and wellness knowledge in 2024 with the same time and attention that makeup has done over the years. Brands and creators that lean in, will reap the benefits of fans and consumers for years to come.

in summary,

our key takeaways


Influencers on TikTok hold significant sway over Gen Z's beauty preferences


Agility in embracing trends and fostering authenticity is crucial for brand success


Offline shopping experiences remain relevant in Gen Z's omnichannel approach to beauty consumption

For a deeper dive into Gen Z's beauty trends and insights, download the 2023 State of Beauty Report for free here.