maximizing your brand's visibility with Kyra's pioneering always-on influencer marketing model

January 2024

the TDLR

It’s undeniable that influencer marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways of engaging the digital-native generation. But as more brands invest in this space, it becomes more difficult, more costly, and more time-consuming to cut-through.

So we’ve pioneered a solution that’s proven to: increase performance, reduce costs, reduce turnaround time, and reduce resources.

Kyra Collectives is our solution to more effective influencer marketing, at scale, with speed, for less.

a new revolution for influencer marketing

Historically, influencer marketing has followed a more traditional approach, where brands utilize influencers to support specific campaigns, often tentpole moments, product launches, events and so on.

Which is why over the past 2-3 years, we've seen brands increasing their investment into influencer marketing - with the market size more than doubling in that time.

The point here is this.

If, like many other brands, you activate influencer marketing on and off, you will drive attentive reach amongst your audience, but only when your influencer marketing is switched on. This could coincide with your competitor brands being on at the same time, making it more difficult to compete for cut-through.

“Just as influencer marketing has grown dramatically, it has evolved dramatically”

If, unlike many other brands, your influencer marketing is always switched on, you will drive attentive reach amongst your audience, at all times. More importantly, you will be able to capitalize on those moments that your competitors are in “off” mode.

That sounds almost too simple, though, right? If you want to be heard, just make noise all the time and eventually there will be a quiet moment where you’ll cut through. But making noise all the time is a lot. Always-on influencer marketing means a lot of creators, a lot of time, a lot of resource and a lot of money. But it doesn’t have to…


our pioneering solution to always-on influencer marketing, at scale, for less.

and we’re not trading lower costs for lower quality.

Here’s a list of what the key benefits are with Collectives, and how we achieve them:

1. maximal performance

proven to deliver 2x more engagement and 1.3x more positive sentiment vs traditional one-off influencer marketing campaigns

How? Our Collectives product is centered around continual optimization, made possible at scale by our proprietary technology platform. We utilize our platform to identify and optimize the top performing creators for your brand. Only the top performing creators form your Collective, then we utilize our proprietary “Lookalike” tool to replace the lower performers with lookalikes of your top performers. Doubling down on your top performers and working with them on a repeat basis not only improves your overall performance through optimization, it also improves performance through authenticity. The creators’ communities start to see more partnerships with your brand, it’s more believable, more authentic and therefore, more effective. It also drives economies of scale…


higher engagement


higher positive sentiment

2. reduced costs

upwards of 19% reduction in costs when you opt for longer term creator partnerships vs traditional one-off influencer marketing campaigns

How? Once you’ve started to form your Collective of top performing creators, you can commit to these creators for a longer term. This provides access to lower creator fees, because creators, like any working human, like financial security - the longer they know you’ll work with them, the more financial security you provide them, the better the rates they can give you. Ultimately, you get more content for your budget.


reduction in creator fees

3. reduced turnaround time

brief creators to go live in just 7 days

How? Once a creator becomes a part of your Collective, all the paperwork and negotiations (the part that takes a lot of time) are already finalized, which allows us to brief them as soon as you’re ready. This facilitates much faster turnaround times, allowing us to go live with their content within just 1 week of briefing them through our platform. Which means you have the option to activate your top-performing creators around fast-moving “trends” on TikTok in a timely manner, if you wish to do so.

7 days


4. reduced resources

we handle everything for you from start to finish, all you have to do is handle reviews and approvals, which are done seamlessly through our platform

How? We pride ourselves on offering an end-to-end service, which means we handle everything from strategy, to creative ideation and conceptualization, briefing creators, creator negotiations and contracting, production, paid amplification (if required), reporting and analytics. All of this takes place within our platform - all you have to do is sit back and wait for your notifications to roll in.

You will be notified when your attention is required - you will only be required to review and approve a handful of things:

1. the creator brief

which we will ideate and produce to brief in your creators

2. the creators

which will be curated and hand-selected for you by our expert team

3. the content

generally, you will not be required to even review the content before it goes live. We can handle this for you. But if it’s important for you to do so, you will have the option of carrying out your own review of the content before it goes live

in summary,

“always-on” delivers better, faster, more efficient creator activations, for less.

And the longer you’re “on”, the better the results.

Here’s an example of the performance gains Collectives has been shown to deliver from just 3 months of activating your always-on Collective:

ER increases


CPMs decrease


CPPs decrease