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Kyra offers two power-packed products to achieve every one of your creator KPI's

introducing Kyra’s game-changing industry product

Keep your brand in the cultural spotlight with our trend-savvy Kyra Collective. An ever-relevant crew of creators committed to championing your brand journey.

why we love it

maximizes performance

ER improves upwards of 200% with always-on creators

reduces creator rates

Creators drop rates upwards of 19% with assets of 2 or more

reduces turnaround time

With an agile briefing process, we can go from concept to live in as little as 5 days!

real-time optimization

Consistently optimize your creator cohort by infusing new creators and dropping lowest performers.

here's how it works

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make your marketing moments shine their brightest

Create cultural conversations by crafting one-off campaigns tailored to your marketing moments and tentpole objectives.

why we love it

no long-term commitment

Not ready to commit? We can work from brief to brief.

campaign flexibility

Execute at a cadence that works best for your brand.

a focused creative execution

We’ll ideate bespoke concepts that hit the nail on your campaign messaging’s head.

ability to cast niche and specific creators

A bespoke creative requires a tailored casting approach, of course.

builds on historical campaign data

Improve future campaigns' performance by leaning on previous campaign results.

here's how it works

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“Our partnership with Kyra really exceeded our expectations. They helped us partner with creators who met all our business requirements, the quality of the content was incredibly high, and the overall performance surpassed our goals. We’re already looking forward to our next campaign and future partnerships with Kyra!”

Rachael Carlin, Senior Product Marketing Manager

@ The Weather Channel